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发布于 2018年09月27日
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MKVToolNix v27.0.0 发布了,这是一个小版本,不过十分重要,因为它包含了两个重要的 bug 修复。第一个是会在 Windows 上轻易触发烦人的崩溃错误 —— 只需使用该程序一段时间即可。第二个则是,当使用“对话框标准化增益消除(dialog normalization gain removal)”功能时,mkvmerge 会破坏 E-AC-3 帧。



  • mkvmerge: chapters: the timestamps of chapters read from containers or from
    chapter files can be adjusted (multiplication and addition) with the new
    --chapter-sync option or using the special track ID -2 for the existing
    --sync option. Part of the implementation of #2358.

  • MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: adjusted & added controls for mkvmerge’s new
    feature of being able to adjust chapter timestamps. Part of the
    implementation of #2358.

  • MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: the GUI can now ask for confirmation when the
    user is about to create a file that won’t contain audio tracks. It does this
    by default if at least one source file contains an audio track. Implements

Bug 修复

  • mkvmerge: AC-3: dialog normalization gain removal was corrupting E-AC-3
    frames irreversibly by writing checksums in places where they didn’t
    belong. Additionally only the first E-AC-3 frame in a Matroska was processed
    but not additional dependent frames in the same block. Fixes #2386.

  • MKVToolNix GUI: fixed a leak of Windows font resources leading to a general
    slowdown and subsequent crash. Fixes #2372.

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MKVToolNix(又叫 Matroska toolkit)是一套功能强大的 mkv(Matroska) 格式制作和处理的工具,支持将多种视频、音频、字幕等格式封装成 mkv 格式。

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