Tsuru 1.6.0 发布,基于 Docker 的 PaaS 框架

发布于 2018年09月20日
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Tsuru 1.6.0 发布了,Tsuru 是一个基于 Docker 的 PaaS 框架,可以让你构建自己的 PaaS 服务。Tsuru 采用 Go 语言编写,依赖 Go 环境和 libxml。


  • 6999933 bump version to 1.6.0

  • 3c7bf9e docs: document team token feature

  • 917c0a3 docs: remove service broker from 1.6.0 release notes

  • 68efd15 docs: fix release notes links

  • 515f4e5 docs: update release notes for 1.6.0

  • 4d1b8cc api: adds instance status to error message when bind fails

  • 0c93c2d api: fix test

  • 69356c3 provision/docker: fix test

  • 4ca4d0a app: change image.FindImage and app.GetPlatformVersion return values

  • b09bde9 app,platform: app locking platform version

  • 3c7ebc9 provision/kubernetes: add clusterForPoolOrAny function

  • 69c26fd all: move permission types to types/permission

  • 55877b0 all: join app error types in a single file

  • 52be039 app: remove unused ProcfileError

  • e76f47a all: move AppLock struct to types/app

  • 2cd4133 all: move permission types to types/permission

  • d3b6212 event/webhook: improve validation error msg

  • 5c0d5bb api,volume: remove name validation from volume update

  • d2c1167 cluster: remove name validation from update

  • 9bb6a1a app: remove name validation from update

  • 905c497 all: limit names to 40 characters

  • 146bb47 provision/kubernetes: remove unused parameter from buildPodNameForApp function

  • 326eeaa provision/kubernetes: set limit to deployment and service names

  • 122f257 provision/kubernetes: set limit to label names

  • 60a8b36 provision/kubernetes: remove prefix "tsuru-app-" from pods "app" label

  • a059984 app,validation: change app name limit to 40 chars

  • 9af842c provision/kubernetes: fix race when calling servicecommon.RunServicePipeline

  • 65ab134 router/galeb,rebuild: add more methods to asyncrouter used in rebuild

  • 9eb4fde docs: fix PoolList api spec

  • 341196d docs: adds pool list missing fields to api spec

  • 4de5f7d docs: adds additional fields to app info spec

  • 1494f13 docs: fix app info api spec

  • c3ad4f5 provision/kubernetes: fix race when setting reactions on fake client

  • 2a64d82 provision/kubernetes: prevent race on deploy test

  • c034edf provision/kubernetes: handle deployment rollback on first deploys Prior to this change, if the first deploy of an app fails, tsuru would not properly rollback the Deployment. In this case, the correct rollback procedure would be to delete Deployment.

  • 7b90a05 api,app: add validation to env var names

  • e7aa0ca api/platform: check error when parsing form

  • 47360e5 api/platforms: add rollback endpoint

  • eff8f33 provision/kubernetes: fix panic on app-shell with no terminal size

  • 1e38cd5 router/galeb: fix bug where an existing router would be deleted

  • 48257b3 app: add service validation when app pool changes

  • 6586e4c service: set default broker cache on update when the value is negative

  • 9e54c93 all: change CacheExpiration field in BrokerConfig to CacheExpirationSeconds

  • c12875d api: add user-agent to access logs

  • b142d02 api: add request scheme to access log

  • 819ef38 provision/kubernetes: only query tsuru database once in Units call

  • de3a74a provision/cluster: add FindByPools to cluster service

  • 2f02912 provision/kubernetes: fix tests after messing informers

  • d671872 provision/kubernetes: use informers for service and nodes

  • 5782804 provision/kubernetes: allow setting a higher log-level for kube logs



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