Kibana 6.4.1 发布,Elasticsearch 分析及可视化平台

发布于 2018年09月19日
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Kibana 6.4.1 已发布,Kibana 让你能够可视化 Elasticsearch 中的数据并操作 Elastic Stack。Kibana 核心搭载了一批经典功能:柱状图、线状图、饼图、旭日图等等。

这是一个 Bug 修复版本,包含针对 APM、文档、机器学习等各方面的修正。


  • Reverts the default value for indices to apm-* #22445

  • Fixes links that were missing the base path #22592

  • Fixes links to machine learning jobs #22820


  • Resolves a problem that caused tooltips to generate an error in Internet Explorer 11 #23006


  • Fixes regression in CallClient that caused request errors, such as timeouts, to result in fatal errors #22558

  • Improves test coverage for CallClient error cases #22599

  • Adds explicit format parameter to docvalue_fields requests #22771


  • Sets branch to 6.4 for doc links #22845

Machine Learning

  • Fixes links to results for jobs with no results #22650

  • Adds milliseconds to watch start and end times #22659

  • Removes calendars from job when cloning #22667

  • Fixes issue with incorrect timezones in Jobs list #22714

  • Disables links on the Jobs list to Single Metric Viewer for non-applicable jobs #22809


  • Fixes issue with importing a visualization with a missing saved search #22029

  • Fixes issue with importing saved objects when an index pattern is missing #22068

  • Fixes the alignment of the Save and Cancel buttons on the Settings page #21898

  • Fixes _source formatting #22800


  • Uses 0 as the default for shard count if the node is not found #21000

  • Fixes logging when Monitoring reinitializes with a HUP signal (#22464) #22513

  • Fixes the problem where the Shard Legend panel in Monitoring > Indices only shows one replica per shard #23183


  • Calculates the content length for the export API #22847

  • Relies on RFC1123 when validating #22469

  • Fixes a problem with force del() when bundleDir is outside the current working directory #22981

    Trying to run a Kibana optimization (usually after installing or disabling a plugin) from a directory that is not a parent of the optimize.bundleDir configuration or the Kibana installation no longer fails with "Cannot delete files/folders outside the current working directory."


  • Removes the shouldComponentUpdate function from MarkdownVisComponent because it caused reporting failures #21501


  • Displays warning state when status check has no data #22178

  • Adds detection of invalid JSON searchSource to saved_object and dashboard #20379

  • Updates dashboard-only mode to display saved searches #22685

  • Adds aria-label to search input on dashboard listing view #22467

  • In the Controls visualization, safely handles case where value can not be extracted from Kibana filter #22885


  • Fixes broken visualize CSS #22713

  • Fixes the editor so that it correctly shows errors for parent pipeline aggregations #22874


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