Kubernetes 1.12.0 RC1 修复 kubectl 命令无效的 bug

发布于 2018年09月19日
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Kubernetes 1.12.0 RC1 发布了,Kubernetes 是一个开源的、用于管理云平台中多个主机上的容器化的应用,Kubernetes 的目标是让部署容器化的应用简单并且高效,Kubernetes 提供了应用部署、规划、更新与维护的一种机制。


  • Update metrics-server to v0.3.1 (#68746@DirectXMan12)

  • Upgrade kubeadm's version of docker support (#68495@yuansisi)

  • fix a bug that overwhelming number of prometheus metrics are generated because $NAMESPACE is not replaced by string "{namespace}" (#68530@wenjiaswe)

  • The feature gates ReadOnlyAPIDataVolumes and ServiceProxyAllowExternalIPs, deprecated since 1.10, have been removed and any references must be removed from command-line invocations. (#67951@liggitt)

  • Verify invalid secret/configmap/projected volumes before calling setup (#68691@gnufied)

  • Fix bug that caused kubectl commands to sometimes fail to refresh access token when running against GKE clusters. (#66314@jlowdermilk)

  • Use KubeDNS by default in GCE setups, as CoreDNS has significantly higher memory usage in large clusters. (#68629@shyamjvs)

  • Fix PodAntiAffinity issues in case of multiple affinityTerms. (#68173@Huang-Wei)

  • Make APIGroup field in TypedLocalObjectReference optional. (#68419@xing-yang)

  • Fix potential panic when getting azure load balancer status (#68609@feiskyer)

  • Fix kubelet panics when RuntimeClass is enabled. (#68521@yujuhong)

    • cAdvisor: Fix NVML initialization race condition (#68431@dashpole)
      • cAdvisor: Fix brtfs filesystem discovery

      • cAdvisor: Fix race condition with AllDockerContainers

      • cAdvisor: Don't watch .mount cgroups

      • cAdvisor: Reduce lock contention during list containers

      • cAdvisor: Fix NVML initialization race condition (#68431@dashpole)

  • Promote ScheduleDaemonSetPods by default scheduler to beta (#67899@ravisantoshgudimetla)


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