Kubernetes 1.10.8 发布,容器编排工具

发布于 2018年09月17日
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Kubernetes 1.10.8 已发布,更新内容如下 ——

Changelog since v1.10.7

  • [fluentd-gcp-scaler addon] Bump fluentd-gcp-scaler to 0.4 to pick up security fixes. (#67691@loburm)

    • [prometheus-to-sd addon] Bump prometheus-to-sd to 0.3.1 to pick up security fixes, bug fixes and new features.

    • [event-exporter addon] Bump event-exporter to 0.2.3 to pick up security fixes.

  • Fix validation for HealthzBindAddress in kube-proxy when --healthz-port is set to 0 (#66138@wsong)

  • Role, ClusterRole and their bindings for cloud-provider is put under system namespace. Their addonmanager mode switches to EnsureExists. (#67224@grayluck)

  • Bump ip-masq-agent to v2.1.1 (#67916@MrHohn)

    • Change chain name to IP-MASQ to be compatible with the

    • Update debian-iptables image for CVEs.

    • pre-injected masquerade rules.

  • Fix VMWare VM freezing bug by reverting #51066 (#67825@nikopen)

  • support cross resource group for azure file (#68117@andyzhangx)

  • Return apiserver panics as 500 errors instead terminating the apiserver process. (#68001@sttts)

  • Cluster Autoscaler 1.2.3 (release notes: https://github.com/kubernetes/autoscaler/releases/tag/cluster-autoscaler-1.2.3) (#68348@losipiuk)

  • Fix scheduler informers to receive events for all the pods in the cluster. (#63003@bsalamat)

  • attachdetach controller attaches volumes immediately when Pod's PVCs are bound (#66863@cofyc)

  • PVC may not be synced to controller local cache in time if PV is bound by external PV binder (e.g. kube-scheduler), double check if PVC is not found to prevent reclaiming PV wrongly. (#67062@cofyc)

  • kube-apiserver now includes all registered API groups in discovery, including registered extension API group/versions for unavailable extension API servers. (#66932@nilebox)

下载地址 https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/blob/master/CHANGELOG-1.10.md#downloads-for-v1108

Kubernetes (通常称为 K8s) 是来自 Google 云平台的开源容器集群管理系统,用于自动部署、扩展和管理容器化(containerized)应用程序。该系统基于 Docker 构建一个容器的调度服务。

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