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[博客] 《The way to go》中文版

2016/09/14 00:00

[软件] 《The Way to Go》中文版

在接触 Go 语言之后,对这门编程语言非常着迷,期间也陆陆续续开始一些帮助国内编程爱好者了解和发展 Go 语言的工作,比如开始录制视频教程《Go编程基础》。但由于目前国内并没有比较好的 Go...

[博客] A. The Way to Home

A. The Way to Home A frog lives on the axis Ox and needs to reach home which is in the point n. She starts from the point 1. The frog can jump to the right at a distance not mor...

2018/01/06 00:00

[博客] practice is the only way

Burn it Up with the American Kettlebell Swing Anyone who has ever handled Authentic John Elway Jersey a kettlebell under the supervisionof a good coach knows that these primitiv...

2015/05/21 00:00

[博客] Around a smart way

February seventeen, 1963, as a typical day time, african american class of Brooklyn, New york, when containing block violence and prescriptions. A african american Unattached ho...

2014/06/20 00:00

[博客] hdu2612 Find a way


2017/06/30 00:00

[博客] vice versa VS the other way around vice versa adv with the order reversed “she hates him and vice versa” Synonyms: contrariwise, the other way around 如果是单独...

2016/07/30 00:00

[博客] They look good either way

Cats to wear Lillard signature shoes this week like low top shoes, I really happy with that, said WSU sophomore guardRichaud Gittens. like the suede a lot. Most of our shoes cre...

2015/05/08 00:00

[博客] hdu2612 Find a way BFS

Find a way Time Limit: 3000/1000 MS (Java/Others) Memory Limit: 32768/32768 K (Java/Others) Total Submission(s): 20320 Accepted Submission(s):6575 Problem Description Pass a yea...

2018/03/27 00:00

[博客] 码农 On the Way


2014/12/28 00:00

[博客] The best way to find a boyfriend

The most of leftover women put focus on the work or just stay home ,but not to go out , This is the biggest reason why they can’t find boyfriend. Here several methods to find ...

2016/07/01 00:00

[博客] About debug way for ROR

The debug is inconvenient for programmer when developer it, there are some little tips for us to improve this situation: - If you want to debug the bug in the "Model", you can u...

2014/12/29 00:00

[博客] 组合数学之TwelveFold Way

组合数学之TwelveFold Way 题目传送 TwelveFold Way LLC n个球有标号,m个盒子有标号,每个盒子至多放一个球 如果 $n>m,ans=0$ - 否则为 $ans=A^nm=Cm^ncdot A_n^n$,相当于是先从 $m$ 个盒子...

2019/11/01 00:00

[博客] The Best Way to Learn

下面的这几段文字来自Stack Overflow,觉得一针见血地指出了自己很长一段时间以来编程水平得不到提升的原因,受益匪浅,特意粘贴下来,希望能帮到同样迷茫的Programmer。 The very, very bes...

2013/04/07 00:00

[问答] the way to use nope.c

Run the program we can get nothing expect "httpd running on port 32000". Can you tell me how to use this software and the value of the software....

2014/07/27 00:00

[博客] hdu 2612 Find a way

Problem Description Pass a year learning in Hangzhou, yifenfei arrival hometown Ningbo at finally. Leave Ningbo one year, yifenfei have many people to meet. Especially a good fr...

08/17 00:00

[博客] Finding Your Way Around Rails

一、application directory 1. configures the Rack Webserver Interface, either to create Rails Meta applications or to use Rack Middlewares in your application. 2.Gemfi...

2014/05/19 00:00

[博客] how to write CDR in my way


2015/05/20 00:00

[博客] HDR the bungie way

bungie 06年,gamefest上的paper。 全文讲的比较系统,有空的话还是看原文的比较好,这里摘录一些我觉得很不错的部分。 Why HDR? 为什么要hdr?简而言之就是更加真实,相比之下LDR失真的地方...

2012/03/09 00:00

[博客] What is the best way to access an array inside ...


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