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对于 android actionbar 的兼容实现,目前用得最多的就是 ActionBarSherlock,那么为什么还要重复造一个轮子呢?在实际项目开发中,ActionBarSherlock 的实现无疑是目前最强大的 actionbar 兼容实现,但是,强大并不意味着好用。 ActionBarSherlock 的完全兼容是一种侵入式实现,对于一些老项目而言这种实现完全不能用。 ActionBarSherlock 太大了,有时候,我们并不需要完全的 actionbar 功能,但是,我们却要为我们不需要的功能...



[博客] In the past few years, when the price of

In the past few years, when the price of horseshoes was the highest, they could sell for about 20 yuan per catty. Most of them were sold to South Korea, Beijing, Shanghai, Qingd...

08/24 00:00

[博客] Strike price

如果股价在约定日或约定日内真的达到了11元或以上,比如13元,那么合约持有者可以以约定价11元而非市价的13元购买约定数额内的股票。 如果股价在约定日或约定日内低于了11元或更多,比如9元,...

2014/08/21 00:00

[博客] Where can I get the latest cryptocurrency price?

If you are a cryptocurrency investor, then I am sure you will be concerned about the latest developments in cryptocurrencies, including the latest prices for cryptocurrencies, h...

2018/07/24 00:00

[博客] The Rise of Litecoin Price

With the development of Litecoin LTC in the cryptocurrency market, digital coins appear to have recorded long-term upside trajectories in the past few days, showing no signs of ...

2018/09/28 00:00

[博客] IOTA price analysis

Iota coin chart Look at the trendline drawn in red color, at the very first beginning of this month, about may 4th, Iota price has a bullish candlestick, and the next close come...

2018/05/29 00:00

[博客] The price of Large C plus

In addition , the grocery stores are Big C in addition to Tesco Lotus, the other also contains TOP'S, Watson and other small and medium-sized housewares stores. The price of Lar...

2016/12/20 00:00

[博客] Brief Analysis of Ethereum Price

Recently, the price of Ethereum fluctuated apparently. It will be a daunting task for buyers to get power and push the price to over $400. At the same time, Ethereum (ETH) fell ...

2018/08/22 00:00

[博客] Price Watch: Bitcoin steadies within a relatively high price range, pulling up the price of other to

1.Bitcoin After a week-long slump in the last week, Bitcoin price finally gains a foothold above the $7500 price range. What is more, according to news coverage, the ratio of co...

2018/06/01 00:00

[问答] There is no Action mapped for action name register

s2sh整合时出现如下异常 jsp页面中的代码如下 struts.xml文件中的代码如下 spring配置文件中类间依赖关系如下 请求高手解决,困扰好久了

2016/09/11 00:00

[博客] kaggle house price

kaggle 竞赛入门 导入常用的数据分析以及模型的库 数据处理 Data fields 去除异常值 处理缺失值 分析 Utilities Exploratory Data Analysis Correlation matrix BsmtQual BsmtCond BsmtExplo...

2019/07/24 00:00

[博客] There is no Action mapped for namespace / and action name


2016/08/01 00:00

[博客] Ethereum price drops 8.73%

Dogecoin and Ethereum, two different cryptocurrency seems like they have no connection, in fact, they have announced that the alpha version of DogEthereum is going to be release...

2018/08/21 00:00

[博客] NEO Price Increasing Potential

NEO coin is a blockchain project that use blockchain tech and digital identity to digitize assets and also to automate the settlement services of digital assets using smart cont...

2018/09/01 00:00

[博客] Mercari Price Suggestion in Kaggle

Mercari Price Suggestion 最近看到了一个竞赛,竞赛的内容是根据已知的商品的描述,品牌,品类,物品的状态等特征来预测商品的价格 最后的评估标准为 平均算术平方根误差Root Mean Squared...

2019/06/25 00:00

[博客] Info about some cryptocurrency with rising price

According to report, the Bitcoin Gold (BTG) team recently announced to the US digital currency exchange Bittrex that it will go down the BTG transaction on September 14 and said...

2018/09/10 00:00

[博客] struts2的action到action传值

Action: @SuppressWarnings("serial") @Namespace("/masterdata") @Results( { @Result(name = CrudActionSupport.RELOAD, location = "master-data.action", type = "redirect"), @Result(...

2014/03/19 00:00

[博客] B1.K for the Price of One(Easy Version)


2019/12/25 00:00

[博客] Struts2的Action

Struts2的结构 Action是Strus2的核心逻辑之一。但这并不意味着Action是复杂的,实际上Action很简单,一个普通的java类就可以作为一个Action。我们之所以可以很方便的使用Action,是因为Strut...

2014/10/08 00:00

[博客] libgdx action

libgdx的Action由Actions类产生 Action action = Actions.rotateBy(360, 1); 通过以上代码产生了一个旋转的Action 然后添加给Actor actor.addAction(action); 在主循环里调用 stage.act(Gdx....

2015/06/21 00:00

[问答] price字段长度问题

Schema::create('store_template', function(Blueprint $table) { $table->engine = 'MyISAM'; $table->smallInteger('id', true, true); $table->string('name...

2015/06/03 00:00