Precuro 是一个简单易用、很有吸引力的企业 2.0 内部门户系统,提供工作流自动化和可靠的报表系统。 Precurio gives your organization a one point access to information and also helps you streamline your business processes/workflow, while improving communication and collaboration amongst employees. 主要功能: - News and Announcements - Workflow Automation and Approvals ( leave requests, travel request,...



[博客] CentOS 7.2安装11g数据库软件

Preface Yesterday I've installed the 11g GI software on CentOS 7.2.But I still encounter some troubles when I continue to install the database software in my environment.I've re...

2018/08/28 00:00

[博客] CentOS 7.2静默安装Oracle11g

Preface Today I'm gonna export some test data to another server.The source server is Windows Server 2012 R2 and the tartget server is CentOS 7.2.Eventually,I found out that when...

2018/08/22 00:00

[博客] 基于Xtrabackup备份集来恢复某个误删除的表(drop)

Preface Yesterday,I've demonstratated how to rescue a droped and a truncated table based on mysqldump backup.Let's see what's different in rescuing them based on a backup set ma...

2018/07/26 00:00

[博客] 基于mysqldump备份集来恢复某个误操作的表(drop,truncate)

Preface How to rescue a dropped or truncated table online?Dropping or truncating is ddl operation which cannot be flashed back by the populare flashback tools like MyFlash,binlo...

2018/07/25 00:00

[博客] 利用binlog server及Xtrabackup备份集来恢复误删表(drop)

Preface Today I'm gonna test how to rescue a dropped table from binlog server based on a full Xtrabackup backup set. Framework Hostname IP/Port Identity OS Version MySQL Version...

2018/07/28 00:00

[博客] JAVA 8学习笔记-第一章

CHAPTER 1 Java Building Blocks 1. comment // : single-line comment /* * */ : multi-line comment /** * */ : javadoc comment 2. class Classes have two primary elements: methods an...

2019/10/30 00:00