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ColorArt 是一个Android开源库,可方便地从图像中自动获取主题样式的代码库。这个项目最初的版本出自流行的 Panic 的 OS X library。 这里记录下Android版的ColorArt的使用方法: 向build.gradle文件增加依赖库ColorArt: compile 'org.michaelevans.colorart:library:0.0.1' 使用API: // get a bitmap and analyze it Bitmap bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(), R.drawable.album); ColorArt colorArt = n...



[博客] color

printf("033[34mThis is blue.033[0mn");

2011/07/21 00:00

[博客] tooltip color


2015/09/16 00:00

[软件] Another Color Picker

This rudimentary color picker plugin was designed for use in small UIs. It does not use image files and does nothing fancy. It creates a number of small elements (normally SPANs...

[软件] Color Picker

一个很简单的颜色选择的jQuery插件,演示地址: $('select[name="color"]').colourPicker({ico: '/colour-picker-icon.gif'});...

[软件] Color Management

Provides a GUI front end for enabling color management in Firefox and Songbird. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions you have, bugs you've found, or translations. If you...

[软件] Color Animations

Adds the ability to do color animations to jQuery 1.2, and newer.

[博客] color

[html] view plaincopy #FFFFFF #FFFFF0 #FFFFE0 #FFFF00

2013/05/25 00:00

[软件] Color Picker Again

Here is another Color Picker plugin but with the style of Google Calendar (see screenshot or demostration below), but fully customizable with CSS. You can configure colors, numb...

[软件] color-utils

Utility for using colors. Check the document page for more information.

[博客] Color色彩

Element 为了避免视觉传达差异,使用一套特定的调色板来规定颜色,为你所搭建的产品提供一致的外观视觉感受。 ¶主色 Element 主要品牌颜色是鲜艳、友好的蓝色。 Blue #409EFF ¶辅助色 除了...

2018/03/09 00:00

[博客] Flutter之Color

color:颜色 ,系统默认了几种颜色,分别如下: red, pink, purple, deepPurple, indigo, blue, lightBlue, cyan, teal, green, lightGreen, lime, yellow, amber, orange, de...

2019/04/08 00:00

[软件] Most Color Picker

这是一个UIImage的helper,可以提取对应图片的主要颜色,然后设置背景颜色,实现类似iTunes里的根据唱片封面图片颜色动态设置背景颜色效果。 作者@TraWor 说:大概原理是,把图片缩小 加快计...

[博客] kienct -color

#include include include include include include include include define width 640 define height 480 // OpenGL VariablesGLuint textureId;GLuby...

2014/03/25 00:00

[博客] Sort Color

public class Solution { public void sortColors(int[] A) { int countRed = 0; int countBlue = 0; int countBlack = 0; for(int i = 0 ;i < A.length ;i++){ switch(A[i]){ case 0: count...

2014/04/25 00:00

[博客] declare -A color

#!/bin/bash ## 声明变量declare -A color # 定义颜色 bc_color : background color color[red]="e[1;31m"color[green]="e[1;32m"color[yellow]="e[1;33m"color[blue]="e[1;34m"color[purple...

2018/07/18 00:00

[博客] Canvas Color

设置图形的填充颜色。 设置图形轮廓的颜色。 // 这些 fillStyle 的值均为 '橙色'ctx.fillStyle = "orange";ctx.fillStyle = "#FFA500";ctx.fillStyle = "rgb(255,165,0)";ctx.fillStyle = "r...

2018/05/08 00:00

[博客] ANSI color

#define RTTCTRLRESET "x1b[0m" // Reset to default colors define RTTCTRLCLEAR "x1b[2J" // Clear screen, reposition cursor to top left define RTTCTRLTEXT_BLACK "x1b[2;30m" define ...

2016/05/01 00:00

[博客] Color Picker

实现颜色选择器/调色板功能。颜色选择的时候还有放大镜功能,让你清楚看到选择了哪个颜色。还可以调整调色板颜色的亮度。 Code4App编译测试,测试环境:Xcode 4.3, iOS 5.0。 转载:http://w...

2013/01/26 00:00

[博客] Static with Color


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[博客] Button with Color


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