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[博客] [HEOI2018] 秘密袭击coat

Description 给定一棵 $n$ 个点的树,每个点有点权 $di$ ,请对于树上所有大于等于 $k$ 个点的联通块,求出联通块中第 $k$ 大的点权之和。$nle 1666,dileq 1666$。对 $64123$ 取模。 Sol 先转...

2019/02/20 00:00

[博客] [九省联考 2018]秘密袭击coat

Description 题库链接 给出一棵 $n$ 个点的树,每个点有点权。求所有联通块的权值 $k$ 大和,对 $64123$ 取模。 $1leq n,kleq 1666$ Solution 写正解是不可能的,这辈子都不可能的。只有写暴...

2018/05/02 00:00

[博客] [九省联考2018] 秘密袭击coat

题目背景 We could have had it all. . . . . . 我们本该,拥有一切 Counting on a tree. . . . . . 何至于此,数数树上 Counting on a Tree(CoaT)即是本题的英文名称。 题目描述 Access G...

2018/04/09 00:00

[博客] [九省联考2018]秘密袭击coat

[九省联考2018]秘密袭击coat 研究半天题解啊。。。 全网几乎唯一的官方做法的题解:链接 别的都是暴力。。。。 要是n=3333暴力就完了。 一、问题转化 每个联通块第k大的数,直观统计的话,会...

2019/02/19 00:00

[软件] react-coat - 支持 SPA 单页和 SSR 的 React 微框架

react 生态圈的开放、自由、繁荣,也导致开发配置繁琐、选择迷茫。react-coat 放弃某些灵活性、以,固化某些方案,从而提供给开发者一个更简洁的糖衣外套。 你还在老老实实按照原生redux教程...

[博客] 3D Coat for Mac(三维游戏模型设计软件) v4.8.32中文

3D Coat for Mac版是专为游戏美工设计的软件,它专注于游戏模型的细节设计,集三维模型实时纹理绘制和细节雕刻功能为一身,可以加速细节设计流程,在更短的时间内创造出更多的内容。只需导入...

06/13 00:00

[博客] React+Redux微框架react-coat,支持typescript,支持SPA单页和SSR服务器渲染

本项目地址: react 生态圈的开放、自由、繁荣,也导致开发配置繁琐、选择迷茫。react-coat 放弃某些灵活性、以,固化某些方案,从而提供给开发者一个...

2019/01/23 00:00

[博客] are popable carries in wovens

Baby wearing in winter Oh it's easy to wear baby in winter! If you have a jacket a wee big, you canjust zip in around baby too, just not all the way over the head. Put a warm Ch...

2015/05/03 00:00

[博客] 跟天鹰老师读英文


2016/12/19 00:00

[博客] Book One 01

Lesson3 单词讲解 Lesson 3 课文讲解 Lesson 3 语法讲解

2018/06/25 00:00

[博客] 你还在看错误的抽象工厂模式实现案例?

昨天在搜抽象工厂模式时,发现有好几篇博文讲的实现方式和我所认知的有出入,而且还看到某某教程讲的也是错误的还在搜索引擎排第一。 大家讲的简单工厂模式和工厂方法模式都是没问题的,关键...

04/16 00:00

[博客] React干货:SPA单页如何规划路由、设计Store、划分模块、按需加载

本项目地址:react-coat-helloworld react-coat 同时支持和,本 Demo 仅演示,请先了解一下:react-coat v4.0 --- react-coat使用Typescript开发,集成Redux,由浅入深请看3个Demo: 入手:H...

2019/01/23 00:00

[博客] Women's diesel watch​ unique style stands out

Modern day a lot of women, notably your being employed training wants likes to undertake a handbag that might have capacity for all of the the woman items Your Coconuts Matisse ...

2015/01/12 00:00

[软件] Chromifox

A coat of Chrome for Firefox. Say hello to Chromifox, a bright and soft blue theme for Firefox 3 on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, inspired by the appearance of the Google Chrome...

[博客] In our lifestyle have a lot of sorts

In our lifestyle have a lot of sorts of alterations.With our rapideconomic growth,people's daily life and surroundings always modified. Our womensthought all far more and a lot ...

2015/07/07 00:00

[博客] red and white blouson moncler have joined

Right in every single of its 5 varies, Moncler, high-end high-end clothingbrand, is actually a new notion which they display spring / summer time 2013collection. To be able to o...

2015/11/23 00:00

[博客] Diesel men jeans​ help the particular come near

Modern day women, primarily typically the functioning course wants to enjoy a bag that can have capacity for most the woman's important things A Coconuts Matisse Memphis Blue De...

2015/01/12 00:00

[博客] Blender 插件整理

系统自带插件列表: 好用的第三方插件: Align Vertices to Grease Pencil, 对齐顶点到蜡笔, Multi-Edit, 多对象...

2018/12/11 00:00

[博客] 英语影视台词---绿皮书(1)

英语影视台词---绿皮书(1) 一、总结 一句话总结: Green Book 1、纽约你好 我是鲍比·莱德尔 很高兴来到这里? Hello New York! I'm Bobby Rydell. And I'm glad to be here. 2、感谢大家今...

2019/05/17 00:00

[博客] cheap ugg shoes "September

Today at?Rachel Zoe's New York Fashion Week?spring/summer 2016 show, the designer hardly?seemed to have a moment to herself as she presented?her intimate collection to a less-th...

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