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Blatche Remembers His Shattered Backboard The gym has good karma for the Wizards. Mike Miller, who worked out at theschool before his teammates, used the gym to boost his high s...

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Coach Lamp Restaurant Pub Was not sure how it was going to be. With no one being inside was sure thatwe where going to get old and cold food. Much to our delight the food was gr...

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全球首部开源汽车Tabby:像宜家一样DIY汽车 由OS Vehicle公司推出的Tabby是全球首部开源汽车。理论上,用户只要购买基础零件,在网上下载说明书和视频,像宜家那样自行组装,就能DIY一辆...

2014/06/15 00:00

Task Coach 0.74 发布

Task Coach是一款开源的个人事务管理工具 ,并且主要针对个人的代办事项。 这个软件不同于同类型的软件如Outlook或者Lotus Notes等,因为这些软件都不具备合成事务的功能。因为一般来说,一件...

2009/08/17 00:00

Task Coach 1.0.1 发布

Task Coach是一款开源的个人事务管理工具 ,并且主要针对个人的代办事项。 该版本主要修复了一些bug。 下载 Task Coach 1.0.1

2010/03/27 00:00

Task Coach 1.0.3 发布

Task Coach是一款开源的个人事务管理工具 ,并且主要针对个人的代办事项。 Changes: This release fixes a few bugs and improves a few features, such as making the calendar view sorta...

2010/04/25 00:00