SyntaxHighlighter (原名:dp.SyntaxHighlighter)是一套在浏览器上对各种代码进行语法着色的独立 JavaScript 库。格式化效果如下图所示: 这也是本站所使用的语法着色库,在线演示。 示例代码: SyntaxHighlighter.config.bloggerMode = true; SyntaxHighlighter.config.clipboardSwf = 'scripts/clipboard.swf'; ... SyntaxHighlighter.all();...



The Syntax of Funs

Funs are written with the syntax: F = fun (Arg1, Arg2, ... ArgN) -> This creates an anonymous function of N arguments and binds it to the variable F. If we have already written ...

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markdown syntax

Markdown 语法 转载自 首先应该了解的 每一个 Markdwon 使用者都应该了解的,是 Markdown 最基本的版本,也就是最官方的版本。它是如何创造出来的?它的设计...

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What is the difference between syntax and semantic

Syntax is about the structure or the grammar of the language. It answers the question: how do I construct a valid sentence? All languages, even English and other human (aka "nat...

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You have an error in your SQL syntax;

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'limit=11 where block_id=57 and version=1' ...

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You have an error in your SQL syntax;

String sql = "SELECT DISTINCT t_order.contract_num AS CONTRACTNUM, t_order.contract_date AS CONTRACTDATE," + "t_ordcontracts.ocont_total AS OCONTTOTAL, t_order.emp_name AS EMPNA...

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Google Syntax Highlighter

Google Syntax Highlighter将 Alex Gorbatchev开发的语句高亮显示代码整合到WordPress博客中。 安装该插件后,我们添加到博客中的代码段就会自动以其它颜色显示。 Google Syntax Highlighte...

ABAP CDS - Syntax

The syntax of the DDL and of the DCL of the ABAP CDS comprises elements of the general DDL and DCL of SQL. In addition, the syntax makes it possible to define annotations and as...

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CREATE : | EVERY : This statement creates and schedules a new event. The event will not run unless the Event Scheduler is enabled. For information about checking Event Scheduler...

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php basic syntax

php basic syntax PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor,超文本预处理器)。 一、PHP入门 1、指令分隔符“分号” 语义分为两种:一种是在程序中使用结构定义语句,例如流程控制、函数定义、类的定义等...

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Scala method call syntax

There are two standard ways of calling methods: obj.method(params) // dot notationobj method (params) // operator notation The above can be modified in the following ways: If pa...

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django template Syntax

variables {{ variable }} {{ variable.sttributes}}实际尝试以下几种 Dictionary lookup 字典 {% for k, v in defaultdict.iteritems %} Do something with k and v here...{% endfor %} At...

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Shows the statement that creates the named database. If the statement includes an clause, the output too includes such a clause. is a synonym for ....

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Crafty Syntax Live Help

Crafty Syntax Live Help 是一个在线客户帮助系统,可直接在 Web 上与客户聊天。

syntax error near unexpected token

最近不断重复在虚拟机CentOS测试安装gitlab,因为gitlab有一个脚本需要饭强才能下载,于是我先在windows下载好再上传到虚拟机,可是执行脚本的时候提示“syntax error near unexpected toke...

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Space Syntax(空间句法)

01 December 2019 13:16 相关软件:Depthmap 空间句法理论作为一种新的描述建筑和城市空间模式的语言,其基本思想是对空间进行尺度划分和空间分割,分析其复杂的关...

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React component class syntax

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精读《syntax-parser 源码》

1. 引言 syntax-parser 是一个 JS 版语法解析器生成器,具有分词、语法树解析的能力。 通过两个例子介绍它的功能。 第一个例子是创建一个词法解析器 : 如上,通过正则分别匹配了 “空格”、...

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PHP Code Syntax Highlighting

The Plugin passes PHP code from given elements (i.e. div-Containers) to an AJAX-Script which highlights the given code with the PHP builtin function highlight_string(). The retu...

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JQ与smarty冲突了{literal} {/literal}

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