Ext2Read 它能查看 ext2/3/4 分区并从中拷贝文件和目录,支持 LVM2 和 EXT4 extent ,以及递归拷贝整个目录。



Book Reading

This is probably the very first time that I finished one entire book in one day, or 5 hours, more accurately. I think the key is, firstly, u basically could not finish a book th...

2012/07/29 00:00

dex-net reading

说明文档: =======================Dex-Net========================== Dex-Net 2.0 是一个HDF5文件数据集,包含了1500个物体到模...

2018/07/01 00:00

Reading List

0. the C programming language (done) 1. the practice of programming (done) 2. Algorithms in C (part 1 - 5) (chapter 3) 3. Algorithm Design Manual 4.C interfaces and implementati...

2013/07/19 00:00

Keep reading & keep writing

之前自己有一些想法只是觉得肤浅或不成熟,没写下来。今天看了几篇不错的文章,,对里边的一些观点,idea产生了心有戚戚。 后悔之前没把这些点点滴滴都记录下来,坚持总结下来,思考的会更深入...

2016/02/05 00:00

Composition correction (reading)

In the column chart with caption "The statistics of annul average reading quantity per person in worldwide 2013" we can discover thatthe Chinese has lowest value in reading and ...

2017/11/06 00:00

Reading - CAP theorem

CAP Theorem is widely used in the distributed computer system to simultaneously provide all three of the following guarantees. you can find more information on the folllowing wi...

2013/03/08 00:00

rose-scanning reading

rose-scanning的功能 把classpath中使用rose的jar包和folder都生成资源对象,供spring读取里面的bean到beanfactory中(更准确是的RoseAppContext或RoseWebAppContext)。 自动打开annotatio...

2014/02/21 00:00

servo-reading -1

看看servo源码。看看能不能通过看来学会语言。 先看看,。 第一行,extern crate compositing; 猜测类似于c语言引入外部库。的确如此...

2015/09/20 00:00

SIF Reading logs

Spring Integration Framework 从系统文件中读取配置,持久化数据到数据库,发送信息到外部客户端,发布邮件,FTP日常的快照,执行其它的例行任务。 我们的应用程序要跟文件系统,数据库系统...

2016/12/09 00:00

Paper Reading:TridentNet

论文:Scale-Aware Trident Networks for Object Detection发表时间:2019发表作者:(University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)Yuntao Chen, (TuSimple)Naiyan Wang发表刊物/会议:ICCV论...

2019/09/02 00:00

Tomcat Reading Notes

HTTP the client who initiates a transcation by establishing a connection and seding an HTTP request. the web server is in no position to contact a clinet or make a callback conn...

2014/08/08 00:00


crate 比 module大。 Modules allowyou to partition your code within the crate itself. Rust has two distinct terms that relate to the module system: ‘crate’ and‘module’. A cra...

2015/09/26 00:00

Reading C type declarations

Even relatively new C programmers have no trouble reading simple C declarations such as int foo[5]; // foo is an array of 5 ints char *foo; // foo is a pointer to char double fo...

2012/11/22 00:00

Tools for reading paper[astro]

astrobits 上的一篇文章,挺好的,要是去年先看了就好了

2018/11/26 00:00


『MARK』A DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS READING LIST 原文: Introduction I often argue that the toughest thing about distributed systems is changing t...

2019/03/02 00:00