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目标管理系统(GMS,Goals Management System),是指一个组织从长期战略目标的制定,到目标分解为具体工作任务,到任务的实施与日志记录,再到目标实施评估,这整个过程的管理。它以目标为导向、以人为中心、以成果为衡量标准,通过调动全员积极参与,使用科学、合理、规范的管理过程,来帮助组织完成最终目标,取得最佳业绩。 目前该系统已完成需求开发,并初步完成了用户管理、组织结构管理、组织战略目标管理、衡量指标管理...



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[软件] Color Management

Provides a GUI front end for enabling color management in Firefox and Songbird. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions you have, bugs you've found, or translations. If you...

[博客] Logical volume management

Logical volume management In computer storage, logical volume management or LVM provides a method of allocating space on mass-storage devices that is more flexible than conventi...

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[博客] Memory Management

Page Frame Management Page Descriptors The kernel must keep track of the status of each page frame. /* * Each physical page in the system has a struct page associated with * it ...

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[软件] Results Management - 学生成绩统计系统

免费学生成绩统计系统。 一款符合教师工作习惯、使用简单方便、数据分析结果能为教师、学生所用的成绩统计系统。 开发者是一名小学教师,为了让自己统计成绩工作变得更优雅,才自学、自写这个...

[软件] Downloader Management

远程文件下载管理类库。可以利用Block 或者 Delegate 下载文件。支持同时下载多个文件,支持异步下载。 []

[博客] Package Management

CDN-hosted React # We provide CDN-hosted versions of React on our download page. These pre-built files use the UMD module format. Dropping them in with a simple tag will inject ...

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[博客] Time Management时间管理

Three keys to brilliant time management Plan: Understand the purpose of your task andset yourself meaningful goals. Prioritise: Categorise tasks according to importance and urge...

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[博客] Software License Management

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[博客] Ubuntu Package Management

dpkg dpkg is a package manager for Debian based systems. It can install, remove, and build packages, but unlike other package management system's, it can not automatically downl...

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[博客] 0603-Cloudera Flow Management和Cloudera Edge Management正式发布

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[博客] Impala的Resource Management 0440-如何启用Impala的动...

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[博客] LVM (Logical Volume Management) Logical Volume Manager Status: This page is considered finished. Last changed: Thursday 2012-05-17 20:18 UTC Abstract: LVM (Logical Vol...

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[博客] Management 命令行工具

参考: Management Command Line Tool 拥有跟Web UI同样的功能,可能还更便于脚本使用。rabbitmqadmin仅仅是一个定制的HTTP客户端,如果想在自...

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[博客] [AWS] User management

IAM用户管理 Ref: AWS系列-创建 IAM 用户 Ref: AWS系列:深入了解IAM和访问控制 是什么? IAM enables you to control who can do what in your AWS account. 在AWS里,一个IAM user和unix下...

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[博客] POJ1004·Financial Management

Description Larry graduated this year and finally has a job. He's making a lot of money, but somehow never seems to have enough. Larry has decided that he needs to grab hold of ...

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[博客] The office information management system

Abstract Office automation system, including the range of all kinds of software and data.The portfolio may include database units and functional areas from a number of organizat...

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[博客] JDBC_Library_Management_System

Use MVC (Model View Control) frame to design a library management system. The project structure: The database situation: 1. Log on interface 2. Main interface 3. Book type manag...

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