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EasyReport 是一个简单易用的 Web 报表工具。 它的主要功能是把 SQL 语句查询出的行列结构转换成 HTML 表格(Table),并支持表格的跨行(RowSpan)与跨列(ColSpan)。同时它还支持报表 Excel 导出、图表显示及固定表头与左边列的功能。 发布说明 what's new?(ver2.1) 改进图表报表图表生成并增加图表生成配置 定时任务功能完成 支持大数据产品查询引擎(Hive,Presto,HBase,Drill,Impala等) 提供REST API服务接口 增加报表权限控制 ...



[博客] Let’s Take This Offline


What is an offline web application? At first glance, it sounds like a contradiction in terms. Web pages are things you download and render. Downloading implies a network connect...

2012/03/19 00:00

[博客] What’s a service mesh? And why do I need one?


https://buoyant.io/2017/04/25/whats-a-service-mesh-and-why-do-i-need-one/ Update 2018-02-06: Since this article was published, we’ve launched Conduit, an open source, ultralig...

2018/05/29 00:00

[博客] What’s New In GRANDstack?


转自:https://blog.grandstack.io/whats-new-in-grandstack-310c067fea4a There’s been a lot of activity in the GRANDstack world recently so in this post we review some of the new...

2019/04/04 00:00

[博客] Everyone’s desires are unlimited


Everyone’s desires are unlimited. After enjoying the pleasure brought by the first advanced consumption, they will want the second, the first... As a result, there is a phenome...

08/25 00:00

[博客] What’s package-info.java for?


In some recent classes, my students have encountered a package-info.java file tucked inside of some of the sample code we get from courseware providers. “What’s that thing?”,...

2013/11/25 00:00

[博客] Master’s degree !!!!!!!!!!!


You will act as an internal consultant and trainer in the area of business and data analytics and will communicate the ideas and solutions to a broad community of non-data analy...

2016/11/02 00:00

[博客] How to find report by report name in Windchill


public static ObjectIdentifier findReportObjectIdByName(String reportName) throws Exception{ if(queryresult == null || !queryresult.hasMoreElements()){ }...

2013/03/20 00:00

[博客] Let’s Encrypt



2019/08/16 00:00

[博客] Bloom’S Taxonomy


引用:https://www.learning-theories.com/blooms-taxonomy-bloom.html Bloom’s Taxonomy is a model that is a hierarchy — a way to classify thinking according to six cognitive leve...

2018/06/15 00:00

[博客] What’s up with the Graph Laplacian


What’s up with the Graph Laplacian? 来源 作者:Jeremy Kun blog: Math ∩ Programming 在数学上图和与图关联的某些矩阵的代数性质有很深的联系。 这儿有一个这种现象的最简单的例子。一个...

2019/01/07 00:00

[博客] I want my life back, that’s all


一路上,脚底下的,都是灰蒙蒙的雾霾,也难怪无论如何也矫正不了这阴郁的心情了。 四月份的总结来得有些晚,完全是因为发现自己根本没法记住一个月的事情。杂乱的工作打碎了时间与思绪,即便...

2015/05/25 00:00

[博客] Oja’s rule


[toc] Oja's rule 这俩天看了Oja的俩篇论文,被其中的证明弄得云里雾里,但愿我的理解没有出太大问题吧。Oja's rule WikiOja's rule 知乎 A Simplified Neuron Model as a Principal Compone...

2019/03/14 00:00

[博客] Scala’s parallel collections


Scala 2.9 introduced parallel collections, which mirror most of the existing collections with a parallel version. Collections that have been parallelized this way have received ...

2012/01/20 00:00

[博客] 解决java.lang.IllegalStateException: The application’s PagerAdapter changed the adapter’s content


A界面中有viewpager的动态加载,从界面A跳到界面B,再finish掉B返回A时报出此异常。 java.lang.IllegalStateException: The application's PagerAdapter changed the adapter's contents wit...

2018/06/11 00:00

[博客] Crow’s Foot Notation


http://www2.cs.uregina.ca/~bernatja/crowsfoot.html Crow’s Foot Notation A number of data modeling techniques are being used today. One of the most common is the entity relatio...

2019/11/05 00:00

[资讯] What’s New in C# 7.0


What’s New in C# 7.0 ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★ August 24, 2016 by Mads Torgersen - MSFT // 13 Comments 0 270 11 What follows is a description of all the planned langua...

2016/08/25 00:00

[博客] Go’s Type System Is An Embarrassment


Go is one of the best tools out there today for heavy lifting and backend code. It’s my go to language when it’s time to bring out the big guns and I enjoy working with it im...

2014/08/30 00:00

[博客] How Tennessee’s offense can combat it


Generally this is the point in the article where I lay out how the other side of the matchup can win, but in this case, I don’t really see cheap jerseys any way that the Alaba...

2016/10/15 00:00

[博客] Home Affairs report reveals deeper problems with Australia's encryption laws


http://www.zdnet.com/article/home-affairs-report-reveals-deeper-problems-with-australias-encryption-laws/ Australian law enforcement agencies used their controversial new powers...

03/19 00:00



INTRODUCTION No one has more collective experience in implementing OKRs than Google. As the company has scaled (and scaled), it has periodically issued OKR guidelines and templa...

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