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Spring AMQP 2.0 Milestone 1 发布
两味真火 2016年12月01日

Spring AMQP 2.0 Milestone 1 发布

两味真火 两味真火 发布于2016年12月01日 收藏 12

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Spring AMQP 2.0 Milestone 1 发布了。Spring AMQP 是基于 Spring 框架的 AMQP 消息解决方案,提供模板化的发送和接收消息的抽象层,提供基于消息驱动的 POJO。


  • The framework is now fully Java 8 based; several functional interfaces are provided for convenient Lambda implementations (callbacks, ReplyingMessageListener etc). Java 8 is now a requirement.

  • The framework uses the new 4.0 amqp-client library.

  • A new DirectMessageListenerContainer is now available alongside the existingSimpleMessageListenerContainer. The new container actually has a simpler architecture and the listener is called directly on the amqp-client thread (hence the name Direct…). See Choosing a Container to help you decide which container is appropriate for your application.

  • A subclass - DirectReplyToMessageLisenerContainer - is also provided, specifically for using the RabbitMQ Direct ReplyTo feature for request/reply messaging. This is now used by the RabbitTemplate (by default) rather than creating a consumer per request/reply as was the case previously. Consumers are cached for reuse.

  • The AsyncRabbitTemplate now supports direct replyTo, utilizing the new container; previously the async template did not support direct replyTo.

  • @RabbitListener annotations can now be configured with an error handler and the ability to send exceptions to the sender when request/reply messaging is being used.

  • Connection and channel listeners now receive shutdown signals.

  • You can now assign names to connections created by Spring AMQP - the name appears on the RabbitMQ Admin UI.

  • Limited stateful retry (1 redelivery attempt) is now available (when an inbound message does not have a message id) without the need to configure aMissingMessageIdAdvice which has now been removed from the framework. Spring Retry 1.2 is required to support this feature.

  • The log4j appender is no longer provided due to the EOL of log4j (the log4j2 and logback appenders remain available).


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